Need help please Via 125

Nov 28, 2011
TomTom Model(s)
I had a 910 Go which was a great piece of kit till the kind of mileage I do in my van which is pretty harsh on the suspension knocked the crap out of the black connection piece that is joint to the mother board........first thing is can it be repaired ( bad connection )

In the mean time I have bought a Via 125 but want to use the BMW themes and on trying to upload them to my 125 it comes up with incompatible file type....can these be converted or has it already been done and if it has where do I get them please..

Thanks in advance Lee F :)
Erm, I'm not going to be much help here...

First, I'm not sure which bit you mean by "black connection piece" Any chance of a photo?
Although to be honest, I doubt whether it would be worth repairing a Go910 now, it's pretty old.

Second, I'm not sure what you mean by a BMW "theme". I've never heard of themes on a TomTom.
Did you mean a map colour scheme by any chance? Those have .clr extensions to the file name, and they SHOULD be reasonably compatible between all models (there were a couple of later additions made to the file format for things like Toll roads, but they should still load OK and work to change the map colours)

.clr files need to be copied into the "schemes" folder on the TomTom, and it's easiest to do that by simple file copy and paste with Windows Explorer, don't bother trying to do it with 'Home'.
Sorry Andy I meant scheme.....BMW cars come with a cool relaxing colour scheme I had it on the 910...The files are a TLV format......the part I meant that was worn ( black piece ) is the connector with the brass pins in the sat nav! the holding arm connects into it.....when I take it apart it actually wiggles back and forwards..I tried to use a high melting point sealant to stop the movement to no effect!

As for not repairing the 910, when Tom Tom produce another unit with 20GB storage instead of this poxy 4gb that the 125 has then I will bin it,in the mean time I will try to get it repaired....
You can put a 32GB SD card in any unit that has an SD card slot! :) (although I'll admit all the latest NAV3 models haven't got the slots working yet! :rolleyes:)

Anyway... back to your colour scheme problem... You've got the wrong file.
The .tlv file is just a sort of "index" file that TomTom Home uses to remind itself of what things are. The actual scheme is in a file with a .clr extension, see if you can find that.

If you have no luck finding it locally, I can't find any BMW schemes on the Colour Scheme Editor website (except for some for the BMW Mini) but I found nine in Home's library when I did a search for "BMW" - I don't know if they are any good though...

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