Navigation stick of carminat is not operated.

Jul 10, 2023
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Carminat in Renault Megane Privilege
Hey all.

I purchased my car, Renault Megane, built in 2010, which has in-built carminat tomtom system.

I was using the stick and could manage the all navigation system. I was trying to understand using the device at the same time.

However, after update and upgrade it via computer, it has been stopped to manage the device with stick. I didn't understand how to fix it.

Are there anyone with experience in these device who knows how to resolve the issue?

Ps: I am new here, so i am sorry if i did something wrong. I will be thankful if somebody helps me.


What update are you trying to do?
Because on Carminat there are no more updates except the map update if you have purchased it.

I assume you are talking about the remote? have you tried changing the battery.
Hi Willy,

Thanks for answer.

Actually i connected it to computer and updated what it has.

I saw some tricks in order to play music or video with carminat. Then i put the original sd card to device, however stick stopped working.

Its not remote control, little square part which has stick at the middle of the device. Its been located in front of the e-brake button.

I thought to cut the electricity of the car, so it would reset itself. However i couldnt try it yet.
To play a video or music on your Carminat you had to download the tomplayer software from the latest software versions it is no longer possible to read or listen to music on the SD card of the Carminat.

little square part which has stick at the middle of the device.

I do not know? to take a picture
It may be the joystick that no longer works bad contact or dust that it is embedded or the socket?
It should br software related, because it worked with the other sim card. I ut the original one, then it has broken again. I checked it 3 times.
I dont know what to do.

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