My TomTom Won't Launch

Jun 10, 2011

I have a TomTom XXL 540M. Yesterday I purchased and installed 2 voices from Navtones:
Mr T
Kim Catrall

I followed the instructions for manually installing the voices (i.e. copying the .BMP, .CHK and .VIF files into the Voices folder). When I went into the preferences Voice menu of my TomTom, I saw the Mr T and Kim Catrall images as new voices which could be selected. At that point I chose the Mr T. voice and then turned off my TomTom.

An hour later I tried to launch my TomTom. I could hear the drums and could see the TomTom splash screen but my device just locked and froze. I tried connecting it to my laptop but that didn't work. In fact it completely locked up my laptop and I was unable to launch Task Manager from Windows 7. Are Navtone voices incompatible with this model? Does anyone know how I can reset to the original factory settings so that I can at least boot my TomTom?


Try resetting the unit by holding the power button about 10 seconds till you hear the drum sounds again. See if it boots properly this time.
Tried that but it didn't work. My TomTom still locks up and won't get past the splash screen. Thanks anyway.
If the computer recognizes its existence, then make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's contents.

Then delete all the loose files in the root of the unit, NO folders or their contents. Connect to Home and install the application offered.

Disconnect properly from Home using the Device Disconnect icon. See if things are better.
Unfortunately that is one of my problems. Namely, my PC no longer recognizes my TomTom. Whenever I try to connect via the USB cable, my PC completely locks up. The cursor freezes. I can't get to Explorer or even the Task Manager. I end up having to do a cold shutdown and then restart.

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