Map won't fit - TomTom XL-S IQ Routes

Jan 2, 2009
British Columbia, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-S IQ Routes Edition
So for the past year (ish), I've been getting an error that my device doesn't have enough room to download all the map updates that are available. In doing some reading, it sounds like this is a common problem. A bit ridiculous in my opinion, but I digress.

I'm wondering what the difference is between all these options.


What's the difference between this?:

And this? This one is a larger size than the one above. But isn't the one above better because it has IQ Routes?

This one seems self-explanatory...basically it's a Western-zoned version of the map above. Makes sense.

I'm very confused...
The first U_C_M map is a result of a bug in Home offering old maps (notice the version is 860?). Ignore that.

The second full map is the current 955 version but it appears you have a zoned map installed. So, it is offering you the current 955 zoned map. If you never plan to travel to eastern US, then go for the zoned 955 map.
I always uncheck everything else but the map.
After installation I download the rest.

Don't worry about us in the East ;->) If you need to drive here you can change the zone as it is shown.
You can do that any time as the price of your subscription covers all of the US, Canada and Mexico.

If you have more than 1100 MB free space on your device you can download the full map. I doubt that as a zoned map would not have been offered in the first place.
For the past year I have not even been able to update my device with a particular zone, let alone all of Canada and the US. Apparently I'm already using 1,719.2MB of my 1,958.5MB that my device has on it. Why would this be? Wouldn't the new zoned map (191MB) overwrite the existing maps on my device? How can I possibly have such little available memory?

Are there any solutions to this? Or am I SOL because my device is too old?
I think I might have figured it out. I removed the map from my device and now I'm downloading a zone right now. It appears to be working so far. I'm very surprised the TomTom Home software isn't intuitive enough to know it has to remove the old map before installing a new one.
Don't know what's going on with HOME but when I was supposed to get a new map in October it would not install.
After countless hours on the phone with Customer Service, the tech took control of my computer and in the end decided that the internal memory was corrupted, asked me permission to remove the Europe map from the SD card and then installed the 980 USA-CDN-MX map.

Haven't connected lately to see it the 895 is being offered. If yes, I may be going through pulling teeth again.

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