My routes list not in alphbetic order

Oct 1, 2016
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My routes are listed in the order they were loaded - not alphabetically. This seems crazy - I don't want to search through a random list for a route. Is there any way to get them listed alphabetically?

So far the only way I have found is to load the files singly (in alphabetic order) onto the memory card and then load them to the Tom Tom. The problem with this is that you have to delete and reload all the routes every time you add or change a route.
I don't do routes.
Don't know if this could be of use to you but I did this with my POIs way back in 2008.

Preface your places with a triple digit number (double was good enough for me), including leading 0 (zeros).
Without those zeros the computer will show 1;11;111;2;22;221; etc.
If you use 010; 020; 030; you can get up to 99 primary locations and can add other in between by adding 011; 035; etc.
Thanks for the thought - but I am not sure it helps. They appear on the TomTom in the order they were loaded onto the memory card - adding digits still needs alphabetic sorting on the TomTom to work
I am not using Routes on my NAV4 so I don't know if they could be renamed the way it could be done with POIs on the older devices.
Renaming them still wouldn't help to sort them. As noted, it seems that the order displayed is the order of the 'slots' as they are occupied by loaded routes.

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