My poblem= trying to load poi's to TT6100

Aug 18, 2011
I have just got a new TT6100 and am trying to load some POI's for Camp Sites etc. I have managed to load one file and its shows up on My Places and works okay. On the 2nd POI it shows it as being on MY Drive but not on MY Places. Any ideas please
May not help but try a drum roll boot.
Hold the power button and let goo as soon as you hear the drums.
Thanks ARNO, I now think my problem is, the 2nd POI is to large to fit in with the 1st one. Now the problem I find is, I have inserted a 16GB micro card to give me extra room, but where in the TT's system is the micro card and if it is there how do I move one of the POI's to the micro card. and then be able to call it back in when needed. By the way you have a TT user who hasnt a clue, so please any reply please spell it jargon please.
Thank you
It is my understanding that all ov2 files combined may not exceed 2048 KM. (That may be the reason why they don't allow icons for same.)

As far as device memory is concerned check what is displayed when you open MyDrive Connect
and click MY CONTENT. That will show the memory available on the device and the memory card.

Your memory card may not show if it was not formatted as FAT32.
TomTom takes the card and formats it in the device to a proprietary, UNIX based system.
As long as there is space available MyDrive Connect will put it there, without operator interaction as to the location.

Once there is insufficient space, a for a new or additional map, MDC will open a window to allow you to remove items.
Even if a map is deleted from the device it can still be retrieved from TomTom via MDC.

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