Mazda CX5 SD card won't mount on Mac

Apr 22, 2012
united states
TomTom Model(s)
Mazda NB1
I remove the SD card and place into a card reader attached to my mac and it does not mount. TomTom home can not find device either.

I am not able to update my maps or anything. any assistance would be great!!
Is that a built-in Live unit known as the NVA-SD8110? That's the only one I can think that you might have. Can you identify a serial number for this unit? Does it start with the letters DF?
OK. I'm with you now. Forgot that model, and in fact, just revised my private list to keep the three NB1 models together with the NVA model so I don't lose it again.

First item: does the card work OK when mounted IN the NB1 unit? If so, at least we know the card is OK.

Second item: if it does work OK in your NB1, then the issue we're having is on the Mac side. There's nothing special at all about the SD for this unit, so you should be able to turn it up with Finder when inserted into the Mac. So I guess the obvious question is whether you have any other SD cards you can throw at the Mac to see if you are having a similar problem or not.
i have no issues with the SD card in the Nav unit.

I have tried other SD cards in the mac and they work. I also tried the Nav SD in a PC and it still did not work.

so I'm really confused.
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That makes at LEAST two of us. AFAIK, there is nothing 'special' about the format of the SD card on an NB1 system, and I think you've long since proved that by using your existing card any number of times in a reader slot on your Mac, and manipulating it using Home.

IF - AND ONLY IF - I honestly had a clue about how TomTom is managing this particular model, I'd consider copying the whole thing off to your Mac with Finder, formatting, and copying it all back. But without knowing EXACTLY what they've done that might for some reason be different, I just can't recommend that.

I'm hoping that someone else with one of these units will pop up so that we can take a look at how the card looks and behaves on a PC when it's acting normally. From that, we could decide on the appropriateness of a reformat job.

Have you ever previously used the Mac or Home to perform a full backup of your card?
Well the issue is i cant do a back up or a format because it doesn't even recognize that the card is inserted. its like it doesn't exist.

so im trying to get TOMTOM tech support to help, but ive been in the queue for 20min.

thanks for your responses
I was wondering if you had a *previous* backup .. e.g., before all of this started. From what I can tell, you had previously had success with this.

Any chance of plugging the card into another PC to see how it behaves there?
This is a brand new unit. ive had it for 4 days. have not had any luck with my computers or TomTom Home recognizing that this SD card is inserted.

i have tried it on multiple machines already.

From the phone calls ive made, it sounds like i need to take it to mazda and have them order a new one.
So strange that it works so well in the unit, but not on a PC! Keep us posted on how you make out with this.
I have the same issue with the SD card from a NB1 installed in a Mazda CX-5. I've tried reading the card in a MAC and a couple of PCs, but it isn't recognised by any of the machines. My guess is it wasn't formatted in a standard way & is readable by the unit, but not by anything else.
I remove the SD card and place into a card reader attached to my mac and it does not mount. TomTom home can not find device either.

I am not able to update my maps or anything. any assistance would be great!!

I've had this happen with SD Cards and Flash Drive in general. What I had to do was go into Disk Utility and it would list the mounted drive/disk/card/etc and I would have to reformat it and then my Mac would recognize it.
Just bought a 2013 CX-5 and didn't get the TomTom Nav :( I thought it had it because the radio/display has the button for it. The dealer wanted something like $1500 to add it in as a Tech Package, yeah right.

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