Built in Mazda NB1 UK

Dec 26, 2019
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Built in Mazda NB!
I have bought a Mazda with built in NB1. I have also updated the maps. When I enter a destination's post code, it asks for street name then number. I don't always have this information. Is there a way I can enter postcode only then GO
Haven't run across an NB1 in quite a while here. Heck, we haven't even had a 'post code' question for any unit of that vintage in quite some time. The NB1 is what we call a Nav2 device, a couple of generations back now.

The first two digits of the serial number will tell us if it has "Live" traffic ability or not. "DR" units do not, while "DP" units have Live traffic. That won't change our answer to your immediate question, but puts things in the focus for future. Also, you should be aware that this device has only 1GB of internal memory. It is quite likely that TomTom isn't supporting it with any new maps -- not even just UK&ROI which would actually fit a unit that 'small'.

First, are you able to enter the full post code, or just the first characters of the post code? If you can only enter the first 3 or so, then we need you to check your unit to assure that the post code file is actually included with the map set. Look for a folder in the root of your device called "zip". Within that, you should find Great_Britain.postal, Great_Britain.tlv and Great_BritainPostal.ver.
The car is 4 years old. I have updated the maps December 19, Europe 4, I can enter the full post code, it then asks for the street name and then the house number. All I want to do is enter post code then GO. It is a DP serial number
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Will need for one of our UK or Canadian friends (who use post codes for navigation) to pipe up.
The old problem was that one could only enter the first bits of the post code, and then forced to complete by entering the address. I'm not familiar with a problem where the entire post code is allowed and STILL the address must be entered.
In the past one could only drive to UK and NL Post Codes.

In Canada TomTom only accepts the Forward Sorting Table part of the Postal Code, the first 3 key strokes, which is as useless as the proverbial teats on a bull.
Even the full 6 letter/number code covered about 40 houses where I used to live.
Google http://tinyurl.com/yx2evlpg
TomTom will now show a list of all the street names listed by distance from a centre point of that geographical area!

M1C 2T5
Google http://tinyurl.com/wxxpwto
TomTom "No address found".

Already before TomTom had bought TeleAtlas I asked the latter NOT to even mention Postal Codes in Canada.

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