Mazda CX5 In Dash HeadUnit and Navigator

Jan 30, 2013
I am planning to buy a Mazda CX5 in Mexico. Initially I wanted to buy it without navigator (Grand touring - 5.8in touchscreen HeadUnit with Bluetooth) and buy as accessory the proper Navigator from TOMTOM:

Mexican version is KF69 79 EZX
USA version is KD37 79 EZX

Which differences are between them? ONly the maps?
Has the mexican version the restrction on not entering addresses while moving, even copilot wanted to do that?

Many thanks in advance
I checked the thread,..but no very useful information
I suspected that was diffcult to answer...but what about tomtom? They manufacture the in dash HU for the CX-5...
But the car manufacturer writes the software. For example TomTom provides the mapping for the Blue&Me In-dash units for Fiats and other manufacturers but it is the manufacturer who locks down the screen while moving so the user can't change routes, etc while driving.
The CX-5 has Tomtom-built Navigation, however it is built specifically to Mazda's specs.

Mazda requires the safety lockout in the USA version, I don't know about Mexico. The USA safety lockout is new to the current software version, if you find a car that's been on the lot a while it may still have the pre-lockout edition.

However, if you ever want to update to newer maps, Tomtom HOME will require you to update the software first, and you'll irreversibly be forced onto the lockout edition software.

Personally, I hate this lockout. I had been in the market for a minivan, and was considering a Honda or Toyota. The only reason I chose to buy the Honda over the Toyota is that they didn't have this idiotic lockout.

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