Map share or not to map share

Discussion in 'Maps and Routing' started by feejo, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. feejo


    Mar 4, 2008
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    I found Map share a great idea. Everybody working out to have better map. And I was told it was free. But then I discovered that it was not that beautyfull. Every body in community working for free to correct map, but most corrections are not made by TT. Those who make money with it is TomTom. And it is not free, you just pay for a TomTom then you have map share for a year. Then you have to pay 100$ for a new map every year and have acesse again to map share for a year. Would be better if it was mandatory to send 5 map correction a year for a reward for your contribution you can continue to get map share.:eek: There is alot of corrections everyday, but is it those we want? I did a correction on mars 8, din't see a difference, the street is not added yet. Last nite I remove a POI that is not in business anymore, and this morning on the update it is already updates. I believe most of corrections could be just on POI and we couln't notice it, cause there is no way to know what exactly corrections are. I am sure TomTom is not telling any suggestion to TeleAtlas, cause every GPS that have that use that compagny will receive the updates too.

    Maby I mistake?
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    feejo, Mar 14, 2008
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  2. feejo


    Jan 15, 2008
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    One XL S
    As I understand MapShare updates....

    Edits to things like POIs are rolled out to everybody in MapShare updates.

    For things like reporting new roads, new road shapes, are reporting the issue...which then gets funnelled up to Teleatlas....and doesn't get rolled out until they put it in an updated map (future map for you to purchase).
    Tim25, Mar 14, 2008
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  3. feejo

    Bama Rambler

    Dec 31, 2007
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    South Alabama
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    Go 720 with 920 POI's
    Here's a couple of my thoughts on the Mapshare process. If we want the best maps and POI's the best way to get them is to have the ability to correct things ourselves. Mapshare comes pretty close to allowing this. As for the cost of maps every year, $100 is a pretty fair. Imagine what it would cost you for maps if Teleatlas or Navteq hired enough people to cover every inch of every road on a regular basis.

    There have always been ways to send in map corrections but Mapshare makes it easy, so therefore more people will use it.

    I'm willing to do a little of the work myself if it means we get excellent maps in return. Realize that the majority of corrections I make really doesn't help me. I already know where things are around here but, it may help you someday and I hope that the ones that you make help me someday.

    Now we could all set back and wait on Teleatlas to make our maps perfect but realistically that ain't going to happen, so lets send in a correction every once in a while.
    Bama Rambler, Mar 15, 2008
  4. feejo


    Mar 4, 2008
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    Found out that POI can be just removed from my maps, it is nothing to do with map share. I don't mind to do corrections and many people will do, but if with in a year there is not much corrections that we made where fixed, that is really a bummer. I believe TeleAtlas can do a better job, I mean they only do that: MAPS, so we can expect they do it well. I believe they just need to call the local city's to get more rescent maps or even through web site or any legal way they can do it. I will not buy any new maps for sure next year, some people send new streets to mapshare since october and din't get any update on it yet, and TeleAtlas even came out with new maps version sinces. One thing for sure, if you go on teleatlas web site, and the street are not there, they will not be on any GPS either. As tech support told me tey do those that people complain alot about it first. So if you are only one person to do it... it will take a while depending if you are in a remote place.:eek:

    And everything else need to be verified by them, but this is to be checked, anyone tryed it?

    I found this interesting but disapointing link.

    But now it seems that Map Share will be more limited than we gathered from the initial information, including a lot of screen dumps (see here). On those, possibilities like postal code corrections and even adding missing streets and roundabouts are shown.

    Unfortunately, TomTom let us know today that these kinds of changes will not be available on the device, and will also not be a part of the Map Share download in which corrections available to all users are centralised. These corrections will be reported to Tele Atlas though, who will implement the corrections into future releases.

    This disappointing limitation only leaves room for five types of corrections with Map Share:

    (un)Block a street

    Reverse driving direction

    Change a street name

    Add a missing Point Of Interest (POI)

    Change a Point Of Interest (POI)

    Many will consider these limitations to be pretty disappointing. A spokesperson for TomTom has let us know that they are working on implementing the other features which were first announced into the next released of Map Share. “We aim to release another Map Share version which will enable , for example, the adding of new streets and roundabouts”.


    It was not so secret, we just need to read on support tomtom here

    The Report other error menu provides a number of options, which do not take immediate effect on your map, but are reported to the map provider for verification.

    Existing street
    Allows you to do the following for streets that exist on your map:
    Report streets that no longer exist
    Report an incorrect street name
    Report wrong or missing house numbers
    Report wrong speed limits
    Report wrong turns (i.e. if you are not allowed to turn left or right at a specific crossing)
    Report wrong street type
    Report a toll road
    Report streets that are positioned incorrectly
    Report mispronounced street names

    Missing street
    Allows you to add a new street to your map

    Allows you to report the following:
    Missing city
    Wrong city name
    Alternative city name

    Motorway entrance / exit
    Allows you to report new and incorrect motorway entrances and exits

    Allows you to change an incorrect postcode or add a new postcode if it does not yet exist on your map.

    Allows you to add or remove roundabouts to / from your map.


    The first page of the map corrections menu provides you with five options that will take immediate effect on your own map.

    • (Un)block street
      Allows you to block access for cars from either one or both sides of the street (i.e. if a street has changed to a one way street or is not accessible at all any more).
    • Reverse traffic direction
      Allows you to change the traffic direction of one way streets on your map.
    • Edit street name
      Allows you to edit street names (i.e. if the street name is incorrect or does not yet exist in the map data).
    • Add missing POI
      Allows you to add POIs to the preinstalled POI categories (i.e. if you pass a petrol station, hotel, restaurant, etc. which is not yet available on the map).
    • Edit POI
      Allows you to do one of the following to a POI that exists on your map:
      • Delete the POI (if it no longer exists)
      • Rename the POI (if the name is incorrect)
      • Change the POI phone number (if the phone number is incorrect or not yet available in the map data)
      • Change the POI category (if the POI is in the wrong category)
      • Move the POI on the map (if it is not positioned correctly)
    Conclusion: future will tell us what really mapshare will become. Meanwhile we can't expect much out of it as far as you want to do above. No unless TaleAtlas put your street on it: you will never see your street on your TomTom. Someone make suggestion to write directly to TeleAtlas on this website for you Thanks to Nextourer
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2008
    feejo, Mar 15, 2008
  5. feejo


    Mar 4, 2008
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    Other info on MS

    What happens to the errors that are reported but not able to be changed via MapShare™?
    TomTom collects all submitted map data reporting and incorporates verified changes into future map upgrades. These periodic map upgrades will include standard updates from outside sources and will now incorporate all verified Map Share™ changes, as well.

    What type of things cannot be changed via Map Share™?
    At this time, TomTom does Map Share™ does not support map geometry changes such as adding/deleting streets or buildings. However, we are collecting this data for updates to future map releases.


    What corrections do you check?
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2008
    feejo, Mar 17, 2008
  6. feejo


    Feb 13, 2008
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    There's a basic problem with MapShare. The maps of where I am in the US are ok, but certainly not great. They could use someone driving around and fixing minor errors. But why should I do it? I don't get much out of it. Sure block a street or two so it doesn't route that way, but for me to see real changes I submitted I have to pay $100 for new maps.

    So I do work, they verify work. I save them money by not needing someone to drive around doing their job. Yet I then need to buy it back. I like helping others, but Tomtom is a company like any other, I don't really care about helping them make more money.

    An interesting way to do it would be to offer an insentive. Something like every verified correction earls you $0.10 or maybe $1 off your next map purchase. There will be issues like who was the first to suggest a correction, but that really isn't that hard to deal with. Thoughts?
    boren, Mar 17, 2008
  7. feejo


    Dec 26, 2007
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    Montr?al, QC
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    ONE XL-S
    What many don't realize is that there are quite a few lead times regarding map corrections. The lead time between what is reported to TeleAtlas, that make the maps, and their applying the corrections. Then TeleAtlas supplies the maps to Tomtom that take three months to issue the maps to TT users. This means the latest maps (v715) that TT offers us, since the beginning of March 2008, are those that were issued by TeleAtlas to TT from updates finished in October 2007.

    Can we expect that this lead time will be reduced with TT's purchase of TeleAtlas? Apart from the map proprietary compression, what else TT does to those maps?

    I do agree that we should have incentives to do the map corrections since we do work for nothing the way it presently is working and need to wait quite a while before seeing any results. The maps also differ in quality depending on where you drive. Some places may prove better than the competition (NavTeq) and others places are missing too many long built details. Paying full retail seems unfair when one considers we don't even know if the quality of our own local area has been improved with our own submitted data.
    Gilbert, Mar 17, 2008
  8. feejo

    DarkPuma Guest

    I think Mapshare is a great idea. I think that in order to have the best maps everyoneshould try to help out. I'm sure if enough people turn in map corrections, they may send the Tele Atlas maps around more often also. I think an incentive would help more peope want to make corrections. Maybe you can earn dollars off your next map update? I don't know. But I know one of my favorite features is the Map Share. My roommate has a ONE 3rd and I try to get her on the computer to send in updates she finds, especially now that TT Home works better with Mac.
    DarkPuma, Mar 18, 2008
  9. feejo


    Sep 8, 2006
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    arlington, va
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    720, 330S
    as long as the maps are getting more accurate, i don't see the problem. the incentive is having more accurate maps! gave mapshare a pretty good review.
    Buddharay, Mar 18, 2008
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