Lost "Show More Menu Options" after update

Jun 8, 2008
I have a Tomtom One 140, and after an update, I lost the "Show More Menu Options" Icon. Was this by design? How can I get that back?


Do you see one called 'Show Fewer Menu Options'? If so, then you DO have all menu options available. It's confusing, I know....
I do not see Show Fewer OR Show ALL. It definately has fewer though. There are only six pages, and I believe it was suppose to have been on the seventh. Not sure about that.

Should I call Support?
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Can try: 866-486-6866.

If a rest on the unit doesn't help......

You may want to restore to factory defaults. You'll lose all your custome settings and it'll take a few minutes to re-enter them.
I did try resetting to factory defaults - no go. I am starting to think that they took away the feature on purpose with the new update. Anyone else have this issue?
After calling support, I found that the latest application TAKES AWAY the option for more or fewer menu options. Luckily support is willing to help me back-date my application to the original. I am told that the newest map will not be back-dated, only the application.

So FYI to all ONE 140 users, DO NOT update to the new application if you don't want to lose some menu options.

Good Luck!

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