Lost favorites

Apr 19, 2008
(Would it be possible to 'sticky' this discussion, as it must be a common problem?)

I recently downloaded new maps for my TomTom Go 520T.

Before downloading, I copied the mapsettings.cfg file from its location on the Go onto my desktop, and changed its name to July11mapsettings.cfg

When the download was complete, I removed the new mapsettings.cfg file from the Go's software (while it was plugged into my Mac), trashed it, emptied the trash and replaced it with the July11mapsettings.cfg file, which I then renamed mapsettings.cfg

However, my old 'favorites' are not showing up on the Go - it is apparently favorite-free.

Just in case somethng drastic had happened to the July 11 file, I tried replacing it with an earlier saved mapsettings.cfg file, which has favourite destinations that are a few months old. Still no dice.

What am I doing wrong, and how do I get my 'favorites' back, please?

And could TomTom please write their software in a way that doesn't necessitate removing and reinstalling favourite destinations every time you instal new maps?
Here's a 'how to' written by one of our SuperMods, mikealder. click here.

It is indeed Windows oriented but apparently an equivalent Mac application to poiedit is poiview, found here
Thanks, I'll try this. It's odd, because removing and then replacing the mapsettings.cfg file worked fine before.

When I've added the favourites as POIs, how do I navigate to them, though?

And do I have to go through the same palaver every time I add a new favourite then?
Newer application updates made it difficult to just copy a previous .cfg file.

Navigate to --> POI --> (near me for example) -->select the poi category of My Favourites (or whatever) and select the specific one you want.

Manage POI-->Add poi-->select category of My Favourites.
Hmm. OK, next week I'm going to a very remote place in the west of Ireland, which I had saved as a favourite, as well as various difficult-to-find turnoffs on the way to it. It's not really "near to" anywhere.

I'm going to attempt to get this rather kludgy system to work, having no choice. Thanks for the method.
Incidentally, what do I do with the original mapsettings.cfg file - do I leave that in the region map or what?
I emailed the company that makes the POI editing software, and they said the Mac version couldn't open the mapsettings.cfg file. They suggested I use the Windows version and transfer the results to the Mac, but I don't have a Windows machine available.

I really think this whole business is a major, major flaw in TomTom's coding.
mapsettings.cfg is cached in a weird place in Tomtom's memory. Tomtom will use the cache and not the replacement file if it doesn't expect the file to change.

Here's the best way to "inform" Tomtom of the change.
1) plug in your Tomtom
2) close HOME
3) copy your mapsetings.cfg file from your July11 backup to your Tomtom's map folder.
4) open HOME and go to operate my GO.
5) within the Operate my GO emulator, add or rename a favorite.
6) click DONE and exit operate my GO
7) wait for the red x on the Tomtom unit to disappear
8) click the blue disconnect button (lower right of HOME) and you should be good to go

The poiedit software will extract your favorites from a mapsettings.cfg file, and create a Tomtom poi file. poi files are more portable than favorites, as they are not buried in the quirky mapsettings.cfg file above. Plus the number of POIs are unlimited.

Neverthless, I prefer favorites, as they are fewer taps to access them on the Tomtom menu.

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