Losing waypoints

Jun 23, 2023
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410 Great rides edition
Hi, when I download a gpx file with waypoints (prepared by someone else) into my Rider 410 it changes it to a track so I lose planned coffee stops etc.
Is there a way to keep the waypoints please.
The simple answer is I do not believe there is an easy way to achieve what your after with a Rider 410 & a gpx file.
I have a 410 & never found an easy option.

The more complicated answer is you will need to use a third party navigation/routing app such as MyRouteApp or TomTom MyDrive.
The way I achieved what your after was to import the GPX file into the third party app then save the way/route points for the coffee/lunch/hotel stops as "Points of Interest", basically a csv/txt file of the points.
The POI file can then be imported into the 410 & displayed.
The setting for displaying POI files is not in the "My Places" menu as you would expect, it is hidden in the 410 settings menu - "Settings > Appearance > Show POI"
It is painfull & a lot of hassle I know but thats the best I came up with.

Alternatively you could try importing the GPX file into a third party navigation/routing app & then saving it as a TomTom ".itn" file
Itn files are not something I have played with very much but I believe the ".itn" file should keep/show the way/routing points on the 410 but you may have other navigation issues when using ".itn" files such as re-calculating back to missed waypoints.
You would have to try it to see if they work for you.
Hi BMcG many thanks for the info, I tried the second option but the .itn file was corrupted somehow, so I imported the file into Tyre and saved it in there as waypoints, that worked to a point but when riding the route there were road closures that threw the satnav into a hissy fit I think it kept trying to take me back to missed waypoints.
I will have a go at the first option next, but I agree it is hassle.
I will let you know the outcome

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