Rapidly losing confidence in my TT

Nov 25, 2011
I've grown used to and accepted the fact that TT doesn't always find the best route. And I can live with that. I tell folks that "It will get you there. And that's what counts"

But lately I've run into several map errors that are just inexcusable.

1. Trying to find a motel it took me down a road that did not lead to the motel.
I can understand that there are map errors but when it can't find a big motel I start to wonder. It was 1 AM when this happened and I was stranded. Luckily I found a cop who directed me to the motel.

2. On another occasion when looking for a particular hospital it took me to a site about a block away on another street! What's wrong with this picture.

3. Trying to find another motel it took me on a several mile detour on a back road in the woods. I wrote about that here a year or two ago.

4. And this one really sucks. On my way on 95 south it told me there was a delay ahead and took me on a 400 mile detour! I also wrote about this error a year or two ago.

I'm seriously thinking of going with Garmin. Do any of you have experience with Garmin? Does it suffer from major errors like this?


The TT is a XXL_535T.

Not sure about the map version number but I had just downloaded the updates about 3 months ago. Most of these problems (except the two that I had previously reported) were encountered about a week after the updates.

The older two problems were also made shortly after an update. I usually try to update the maps b4 a trip.

I have found with my map errors is IF the entire area ( geography) is under road construction and major renovations/ changes .. The TT maps will not only be out of date but not even considered close to what they were just the previous version before...
In your case, you have other facilities to report road changes.

You can also use tomtom.com/mapshare/tools/

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