intermittently losing addresses on tom tom start 60.

Jan 1, 2014
Manchester U.K
TomTom Model(s)
start 60, 5150 Truck Pro
Hi can anyone offer any advise or solution after spending a couple of nights reading technical support on the forum & on the tomtom website i am still stuck

every time i use My tom tom start 60 i am unable to type any address in it seems the addresses so currently only able to use stored addresses recent destinations & favourites, If i had any hair id pull it put
That's one we haven't heard before. You are talking about typing actual addresses, correct? We're not talking some sort of post code issue?
Were they working before, or are you new to the 60?
What map(s) do you have loaded on your 60?
Did you just recently perform any sort of update to the unit - just before this problem started?
lol its a new one on me aswell. Yeah im talking about typing an actual address Nope its not a postcode issue it seems as though when i go to input an address it won't let me click the abc logo to start as for loaded maps i just have UK & Ireland installed the last update I did was in November but the problem only started only started about 2 weeks ago
OK - following along on my 60 here...

Main screen press
Press 'Drive to'
Press 'Address'
It should come up asking for 'City/Code:' at that point, and should already be in QWERTY alpha mode, with back and 123 in lower left.

What are you seeing instead?
when i press navigate to on mine at the moment i can only select recent destinations or or favourites it wont let me select address
It's called "Navigate to" on your unit? Interesting. It's called "Drive to" on mine.
Out of curiosity, what code level are you running? Menu / Settings / Left Arrow / Me and my device / About my device
Current code is (I believe) 12.071.

When you select your "Navigate to", there should be six boxes. Home, Favorite, Address, Recent Destination, Point of Interest, My Location.
Do you see that list of selections? Are some of them being grayed out preventing you from using them?
If you hit the right arrow from that page, you should also be offered 3 more boxes: Point on map, Latitude Longitude, and Position of last stop.
ok here goes it says the following

Device WN2103G01079 (0) (18.3)
App 12.071.1370596.94 (0) (2092, 12/9/2013), OS 1344689
GPS 2.18.903 127792, Boot 865401, Backup 889478
Compliant with the NF Mark / Produit Certifie NF-469
Map: 'Europe' v920.5278, Release Date: 10/2013

yeah when i select navigate The Address is greyed out
Firmware and map versions all look good.

And yet the mapping system is working otherwise? That indicates that the device is capable of navigating to coordinate data (that is how is stores your favorites, recent destinations, etc. even if you created them using addresses) and indicates you're getting a GPS lock (or basic navigation wouldn't work at all). That is VERY odd. It's almost as though there are missing or corrupted files involved.

I assume the normal map view comes up and correctly locates your position when you power up the unit?

Let's try the basic things first. Press and hold the power button for a full 20 seconds until you see the TomTom logo. As soon as you do see it, release the power button immediately. That's a 'hard reset'. See if that changes its mind at all.
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It's called "Navigate to" on your unit? Interesting. It's called "Drive to" on mine.

Apparently, "Navigate to..." was considered too complicated for US customers, (too many syllables?;)) . .... and they never walk anywhere anyway!

So TT changed it to "Drive to..." for the US market and Canada got lumped in with that decision.
I had a bit of an argument with mvl about it... Even though there were still menu options to switch the unit into "walking" or "cycling" modes, it would still say "Drive to..." which didn't seem to make much sense to me!
After installing a new map, I've had some quite long delays while the system has to re-build some sort of address database internally.
So if that's not happening, I reckon you need to go through some or all of the "standard" troubleshooting steps we usually suggest.
Start with the reset that canderson suggests and continue here if necessary.

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