Looking for for Desjardins bank/ATM POI

I found 2 that were quite incomplete on TT Home and its POI and also on poifriend.com, also incomplete.

I also contacted the Caisses and they finally replied this week. They were under the impression they were included in the POI.DAT. I checked and they are absent from the USA_and_Canada maps for the ONE models. As for the NA map for the 9x0, some of them are there (I can say for Montreal, it seems fairly complete) but when outside main cities, in the country, the 2 places I tried (St-Polycarpe and St-Alexis-de-Matap?dia) they were absent and know they are there. The total number of Caisses Populaire Desjardins would be in the 600 when including those in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Florida. I suggested they create a separate POI file so we can have some control over them since the POI.DAT file cannot be modified at will as it is a proprietary format. I am waiting for their reply.
I wrote them again to know the status of the project. They will publish it on their site in early November. In the meantime, it is available here:

It has 1886 entries for all the branches and ATMs! Very complete indeed.

Glad I contacted them and got them to build it themselves. Now, wherever I am, I'll be able to find my closest ATM at no cost.

Eventually, they will be available in different flavors here:
? http://www.desjardins.com/fr/votre_caisse/caisses-par-region.jsp
? http://www.desjardins.com/fr/cfe/cfe-par-region.jsp
? http://www.desjardins.com/fr/particuliers/produits_services/modes_acces/guichet/
? http://www.desjardins.com/fr/votre_caisse/?cm_re_o=vCjCHEfwfwCjCeBfyw 2zbllw C HEfwfw

I guess cfe = guichets (ATM).
Pour ceux que ?a int?resse, le lien http://poifriend.com/poigroup.php?poigroup_id=7878 contient une nouvelle version. Elle semble compl?te pour tout le Qu?bec et l'Ontario mais y manque le Nouveau-Brunswick, le Manitoba et la Floride. J'ai envoy? un commentaire, par courriel, directement ? la responsable chez Desjardins mais elle est en vacances jusqu'au 24 novembre.

Il est aussi disponible sur le site de Desjardins avec Home ici: http://www.desjardins.com/fr/votre_caisse/caisses-par-region.jsp cette m?thode offre l'avantage d'avoir un fichier additionnel donnant la version du fichier. C'ets probablement aussi disponible sous TT Home.

For the non-French speaking people wondering what this is about, Caisses Populaires Desjardins is a coop banking organisation that started in the early 1900s strongly encouraged by the local French speaking Roman Catholic church and became a success. While I don't have real statistics, I'd say 90% of French speaking Canadians have a bank account there. Most often, the local branch started operating from the church basement before getting their own building. One can find branches even in the most remote locations of Quebec. There are also scattered locations in Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Florida. Locally, it was the first bank to offer atms.

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