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Mar 5, 2020
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Hi Everyone

Sorry if this seems a daft question, when logging onto TomTom MyDrive using a computer, you do so by entering your email address and password.

When logging onto MyDrive with your satnav, am I correct in assuming you log on using the same email address and password, only I seem to be having issues with the satnav saying it does not recognise the password?

Thanks to anyone who can help
Yes, the email and password used on the MyDrive web page should be the same as used on the unit. That's how the web page knows where to deliver anything you add there. Any device (if, for example, you had several) logged in with the same email would receive the same data from the web page.

There have been some issues with 'special' characters. Is yours a nice, clean alphanumeric password?
Hello again Canderson

Thanks for your reply, my password was nothing fancy, it was just letters and numbers.
I did'nt use symbols but Iv'e always had issues when logging onto MyDrive on the computer and logging onto it on my satnav.
It would'nt recognise the password on the computer for some reason, anyway Iv'e just done a factory reset on the satnav so hopefully that will put things right as far as logging on is concerned.

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