Logging with 8.350?

Mar 4, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
During the update to 8.350 on my 920T, I saw a message come up about "Logging" enabled (or active). I've been looking through the menus, this forum, and TomTom.com and can find no information about logging.
Presumably, my TT will 'record' a route that I take?
Anyone see this message during the update and/or know anything about logging?
There is a setting in Home to send anonymous data to TomTom by the user (to add to knowledge base for IQ routing, I suspect). I think the message relates to that. There is no file the user can access (that I know of) that will print out actual logging stats taken by the user on a trip. Not within TT, anyway.

There are, or were, 3rd party apps that could do that, I think. Application 8.3x pretty much killed off 3rd party apps and, as I understand it, firmware 8.35 put the nail in the coffin (for now, anyway)

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