Live traffic

Dec 22, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
via 130/go750live
Hi members
For some weeks I have no more life traffic on my 6250 professional. there is a cross at the right side and in the menu it says no connection.
What could be the problem? Thanks.
I assume you normally use the cellular connection for traffic?
We need to understand whether the problem is the cell connection or the traffic subscription.

Can you connect to the TomTom cloud via cellular connection for custom POI and route syncing? If so, the cellular connection is working and we need to concentrate on the traffic subscription. If not, it may be worth repeating a remove/install of the SIM card a couple of times to clean up the contacts, or if that doesn't help, perhaps it may be that TomTom has to enable the SIM account again.

You can also use your phone as a WiFi hotspot and connect your 6250 to your phone to see if you can obtain traffic that way. If that works, then we know the subscription is good and that the cellular connection is the problem.
The traffic services are notoriously bad. Search and you will find this issue for years.

Do not rely on the inbuilt connection if you have it and using the phone data option is also unreliable.

The only solution I have ever found that is reliable is to use your phone as a hotspot and connect as WiFi. Makes no sense but it connects and holds.

This is even if you have a model with supposed independent connection.

You need data but otherwise the traffic will likely either never connect or be too unreliable for use.

If you don't have a data plan then you may find traffic of little use. It may connect or it may never connect ever again.

Don't expect it to be considered a fault, it won't be and you won't receive any support.

Tldr - you need a smart phone with data and connect it as WiFi to a hotspot.

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