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Mar 30, 2012
SE Iowa
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 55M, Rider 4GD00
I saw this unit for sale on Ebay.
Would this machine have lifetime maps? And are the map updates still in effect or is it too old of a unit?

TomTom VIA.jpg
Be careful when buying not from a brick and mortar store over the internet.

Call Customer Support, tell them the serial number starts with WN and ask hem what must be done if that model had life time maps.
That's a Via 1605 (sweet screen, by the way).

I think that the Via 1605 was only sold as a Via 1605M or Via 1605TM (the first with lifetime maps, the latter including a traffic receiver). So rather than calling customer support, what you really need to do is to contact the seller to ASSURE that they will provide you with a legit TomTom MyDrive Connect account and password for this device so that you don't have to go through the hassle of dealing with TomTom to try to change it. Unlike the old days using TomTom Home, I believe that MyDrive Connect actually expects a particular serial number to be associated with a particular account, though it will allow multiple (up to 10) devices to be associated with one account.

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