lifetime maps question.??

Apr 27, 2011
my via 1505m came with lifetime map updates but yesterday i got this message when i check for updates.=
Congratulations! Your latest map guarantee is active
At TomTom we want you to start driving with the latest map. Your Latest Map Guarantee was activated when you started using your device. We've assigned a 90 day Map Update Service to you and this means that for 90 days you can download every update for your map for free.

We will send you an email every time a new map is available for you. To get your new map, connect your device to your computer and download and install your map update.

do i need to call them about this or is this a fluke on my drive connect.thanks
This is the Latest Map Guarantee which every device gets. However, if you have a M model involving lifetime maps and you have yet to register them, call CS to activate:

United States
866 486 6866
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
Saturday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST
ok here is my issue i bought it on ebay refurbish here is what the add says that's why i bought it and the price wa in my range.

[Tm428-ENV] For sale is a TomTom VIA 1505TM GPS unit that has a 5" LCD Screen. GPS has been refurbished, fully tested and is guaranteed to work perfectly! Unit features Lifetime map upgrades and Lifetime traffic updates!

GPS unit comes with the following accessories (if it is not listed below it isn't included):

  • Unit with USA, Canada & Mexico maps (Lifetime Map upgrades!)
  • Window Suction Mount
  • Lifetime Traffic Receiver Car Charger (Lifetime traffic updates and also charges your GPS in the car!)
  • USB Cable
  • Home Charger Adapter (USB cable plugs into the home adapter for charging, not originally included and a $30 bonus!)
  • Leather Carrying Case (not originally included and another $30 bonus, must remove the mount to put in the case)
  • Click HERE to download the User Manual for free!
Once you receive the TomTom VIA GPS, please click HERE for instructions on how to update your VIA with the newest maps!

it clearly states lifetime map updates i thought the code was already intergrated with the unit.and once you went on line that was it .sad part i already left + feedback i send him an email about but no reply yet.
The problem is that if the seller had registered the activation code for the lifetime maps, that subscription may not be transferable if the ite is sold.

Anyway, did you call CS? They are open Saturdays.
yes i call them she said i needed an activation code so no can do. but the seller email me back.and said the way it works is
after the 90 days is up to re-sync the unit and i will get another 90 lets wait and see if it is true.
Think the seller is feeding you crap.
I have the same opinion. IMO, the seller is attempting to stall you off to negate any claim to e-bay, using the approach,"If there really is a problem, why did the buyer wait so long to complain?"

I have never heard anything about a "resync" after 90 days. I have also never even heard of a TomTom "resync" process.

Of course, I could be wrong, but what I would do if in doubt would be to call TomTom Customer Support and ask them about this supposed "resync" process.

- Tom -
...after the 90 days is up to re-sync the unit and i will get another 90 lets wait and see if it is true.
Yeah, right after the seller is out from under it. We've been around the TomTom game for years here, and none of us have ever heard of such a thing.

In your shoes, I'd tell the seller where the resync button really is, but he'd have to bend over to find it. Honestly, get that one back to where it came from and give it another try with a new seller. If you're going to buy a 'refurbished' unit in the future, be SURE it's been through TomTom's facility in Concord. You can find these at times at Amazon, Best Buy and other sites.

The whole business of the map subscription is FAR too important as part of the price of the unit to goof around with it this way.

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