Lifetime maps offered for various TomTom models


Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Go 50; Go 520
Now being offered for the 335, 340, 535, 540, 550 and 740series models. This is for the United States. At this point, I'm not sure whether it applies to Canada as well.

(thanks to mvl for the information)

Follow up:

TT has now changed their page showing the information (from a few hours ago). See here:
Car navigation - Products - TomTom

In summary:

  • The 740 Live shows the *** for Lifetime maps but the 'more information' link does NOT mention it

    The 550, 540 WTE and 540 models show both the *** on the main page AND detailed information on the 'more information; link

    The 535 no longer shows the *** on the main page

    the 340 (not LIVE) and the 335 show the *** but no detailed information in the 'more information' link
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Because that option (Lifetime maps) wasn't made available for the Go 7x or 9x series, sadly. :(
Don't include too many in that. The 740 got the deal since it was an available with the original purchase. It's one of the reasons that I jumped from 720 to 740 (TM).
If TomTom does not release a lifetime update for the 720 soon I will be replacing my units with generic units that do not hold me for ransom each time I want to update a map.
So far, Tomtom has only released lifetime maps for app 9.x devices and newer.

Since the GO720 is on app 8.x, I doubt it will ever get lifetime maps added.
Welcome to TTF.

Remember the first rds-tmc traffic antennas? For Brits (and Europeans), the subscription was for life, for North Americans, it was just one year and then you had to pay $60/year to renew.


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