LE Error: unable to complete Planning...


Dec 1, 2007
I was out last night, and playing with this GPS, I tried to go home... about 20 miles or so. I knew where I was so it was no biggy. However, when I tried to go 'home' it would go thru that whole planning thing, it would show the over veiw map for about 1 second, and then kick back 'unable to plan route' or something VERY similar. It was very wierd. For some reason, it didnt want to go home.:eek:

Also, I have noticed, this thing doesnt take the fastest routes possible. The fastest route between two points is a straight line. However, this tomtom feels that driving all over creation is faster... From where I was, using MY route, which involves litterally 3 turns over a 20 mile distance, and is pretty much a straight line, takes me about 25 minutes to get home. However tomtom LE feels that making about 8 turns, driving a good 5-10 miles out of my way, and adding a good 20minutes to the total time is 'faster' is there a way to correct this?
That's interesting; I have a Go 920T but I got the same error the other day and now I think I understand how it happened. Originally I set my home location using my address, but I live in a very rural area and my house is way off the road. So the other day while my car was sitting in the driveway I changed my home location to the current GPS coordinates via the menus.

I think this was the problem - am guessing that the software wants an actual address, or perhaps it was just confused since the location wasn't on any road. My Garmin GPS'es didn't have a problem with this, they would just route me to the nearest location on the road. So I reset my home position again to my street address and the Go Home function now works properly.

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