Is it possible to create a single custom POI category?

Nov 29, 2007
Right now, I know how to create individual POIs on the ONE and then how to make them show on the driving screen. However, there are too many individual POIs that I like, that I'm afraid it'll be too disorganized.

For example, I like fast food. It would be nice to have McDonald's, Burger King, Carl's Junior, etc. show up on my screen, and right now, the only way to do that is to create a POI for each one. That's too many so that when I'm searching through POIs, I'll have to sort through about 100 before I can find what I want. Is there any way to create a custom "fast food" category or folder, and then show everything within that folder on the map? I don't need to see all restaurants such as Ruth's Chris and other expensive establishments, but I'd like to know where the next Taco Bell is.

I know how to use POIedit so I could cram all the local fast food addresses into a single "fast food" POI, but I was hoping that I could preserve the individual *.bmp icons for each restaurant (ie, McD golden arches, etc.)

What i used to do that was go to download the program becase the web based one dosn't seem to be working. I did one for each fast food then merged it using poiedit. It works good, make or get a poi icon and you are good to go.
hope that helps.
Bob, I was already planning on doing that, but in this case, all fast food restaurants would have the same icon. What I was asking is if I could give EACH fast food joint its own icon, but store them all under "fast food" instead of under the bigger umbrella of "restaurants".

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