Incorrect routing

Sep 14, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
An early one
I have an older Tom Tom but continue to purchase yearly upgrade packages. My new package has a routing preference built into it that takes you off the Pacific Highway onto the Tweed Vally Way when all we want is the fastest route between Sydney & Brisbane. How do we communicate this to the powers that be?


How do we owners of older Tom Toms contact TT re routing errors that take you off fastest routes & motorways?


Before you start reporting errors, are you sure it's not something to do with toll roads, IQ Routing or LIVE Traffic?

You haven't set the routing preferences to "always avoid" toll roads?

If you have a model with LIVE Services it isn't automatically routing you round hold-ups?

I have a v895 map of Australia (that's the latest) on my GO1005 and If I plan a route from Sydney NSW (City Centre) to Brisbane QLD (City Centre), I'm asked if I want to include toll roads on my route.
If I say "Yes", it sends me all the way down the east coast and most of that is called the "Pacific Highway".

I've found the "Tweed Valley Highway" but the routing definitely doesn't take me onto there.

If I said "No", then it went inland onto the Mount Lindesay Highway and Summerland Way before re-joining the Pacific Highway at Southampton NSW.

Also, all my routes were planned just now at 17:00 UK time so maybe IQ routing is having an effect as that would be around 5 am in Australia. Try turning IQ routing off or planning a rout for v. early in the morning to see if that changes YOUR route.


As for your second question:

1. I guess you could use the MapShare Reporter website here. That's mainly for actual mapping errors but I'm sure you can also use "Other" to report a routing issue.

2. You can also email them direct. Contact details are on their website.

3. If you can give more specific details here we may be able to pass them on to TomTom staff too. But as I say, so far I can't recreate the problem just going from city centre to city centre on a GO1005
So we'd need to know
Your exact TomTom model
Your software version number
Your map version name and number
An exact starting and ending point for a route which shows the issue.
Some screen shots of the route if possible.

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