I'm a TomTom n00b. A few ?s about my new XL-S.

Feb 3, 2008
I just received my very first TomTom today, a TomTom One XL-S. It has App version 7.140 and Map version v710.1575.

I am very new to the TomTom world so please be patient.

I've noticed some problems with the App version upgrade and it appears that I have the latest map set (I think?). Would upgrading the App version be a worthwhile venture?

I read some info on another forum that the reason for the "50% off Maps" is that there is speculation that new maps will be released sometime in the March/April timeframe.

Would it be wise for me to go ahead and buy the North America maps from the UK site? I went ahead and bought a 2gb sd card so that I could upgrade if need be.

Oh and is there a function that will make the display change from day to night mode automatically?

Thanks for the help and any other suggestions.
Apparently the maps are device specific now - therefore you will never be able to put any NA version maps on your XLS. Only the USA & Canada and the regional maps.... Basically anything that shows up in TT Home...
I can't verify this - I'm only going by what other folks have posted on here.
congrats on the tomtom!

q1: if your tomtom is operating problem free, then it's not a big deal. tomtom won't tell you what is new in the updates. could be bug fixes or a new feature. last couple of updates must have been bug fixes as i didn't see any new features. don't know what bug fixes either since i was not already having a problem.

q2: don't waste your money on the new map upgrade. not enough difference to make a difference and some are reporting that tomtom has just made the maps so that you can order only the map that was intended for your device. in other words, if your device comes with usa_canada maps, you will not be able to buy or install the north america maps. map updates do come out several times a year, but no way to know what the updates are untill somebody buys the map and you have to lok for something in particular. you have to ask the holder of the new map for a specific road so they can look it up.

q3: there is no automatic function to change from day to night. the webazaar website has a program to do that but don't know if it will work for v7.?? firmware or not. these programs were designed when v6.?? firmware was out and tomtom quit supplying the sdk's at the end of v6 firmware.
the date on that post was from 04 january. the posts that are talking about the new map scheme so that they will only work on units intended for them was posted today. look through the forum and you will find them. then decide for yourself.

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