Hi Folks, I'm trying to configure my TomTom GPS unit to use the Telus network in ord

Aug 13, 2009
Hi Folks,

I'm trying to configure my TomTom GPS GO 730unit to use the Telus network in order to use TomTom Services. Unfortunately, the TomTom won't read the network settings from my phone and asks me to fill them out manually and I have no idea what they are.

Does anyone know the following info for the Telus network?

Access Point Name
DHCP (auto/manual)
DNS (auto/manual)
Login Script (if necessary)

Thanks in advance!
First step - make sure you have "phone connection settings" version 15 installed on your Tomtom. You can see if it is there by going to "manage my device" on Tomtom Home. If it is not on the Tomtom, copy it from the computer. Then retry and see if Telus is an option to choose.
Version 15 on 730 does not have Telus

I checked and my device does show as having version 15, but Telus is still not a listed option. I only see Rogers and Fido.

FYI, I am using a BlackBerry 9700 Bold.
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Try apn of: isp.telus.com
Leave all other settings at their defaults.

The above was based on a google search, don't know firsthand if it works.
Can't remember first hand what I did to my cell phone to get it to 'accept' telus and tom tom together.., (weather reports) but I think I just used auto settings......
Telus tech support told me to use the apn: bb.telus.com + blackberry.net

Couldn't tell me what to put in Dial number though #777 does not work
Hoping that the 9.4 update to my GO930 will sort out the bluetooth issues - I went about setting this up again. Got it to work this time. Settings are:
APN: isp.telus.com
Get IP: automatic
DNS server:automatic
Dial number: leave the default which is *99#

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