How to remove all personal info from tomtom?

Jan 7, 2011
I got a new tomtom, and would like to sell my old tomtom one xls. What is the best method of removing all my personal settings, favourites, recent destinations,history etc? Basically get it back to original settings?



Use Windows Explorer to locate the "MapSettings.cfg" file which will be in your North_America map folder, once you have found this file simply delete it, the device will create a new blank one once it re-boots. This will clear recent destinations, Home location and any POI warnings you have got set up.
Check the TTGO.bif file in the root of the device by right clicking it and selecting "Open With/ NotePad" is there anything in here that might give your ID away such as home location (in lat/ long) e-mail details etc. If so edit the file before saving it, make sure you save it as .bif and NOT .txt - Mike
Factory restore will clear the mapsettings.cfg but I would suggest you check the contents of the TTGO.bif file as that might not get touched ;) - Mike
thanks for all the info. Do I need to do anything to disassociate it with my email (my login for tomtom home). When the buyer plugs it into tomtom home for the first time they can just set it up as a new device?



Sorry Moderators for going of topic.

I do not us windooooz but instead use Ubuntu Linux for safety and security. Is it not about time that Tom Tom made Tom Tom work on a Linux machine?

I can get Tom Tom home run using the Wine project and the only thing is it says no device connected.

Or if you know of a way that tom Tom home can be made to run perhaps you could help me others like me who choose a safe system.

Once again sorry for jumping in like this.

I have a Tom Tom Go300 with maps of France, Spain and Portugal and GB to maintain.



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