How to change the email address / account name for a TomTom

Feb 11, 2011
London, UK.
TomTom Model(s)
Go520,720,XL Live, Start60,Go940,950,1000,1005,New500,New5000
There are several occassions when you may want to change or swap the account name associated with a particular TomTom device, such as when you update to a new model and want to use the same email address, or if you sell the unit and want to remove your personal address from it.

Many people assume that you can change it in the TomTom Home or MyDrive software, but the secret is to use the TomTom website. Here's how to achieve it....

1) With your old TomTom unit connected, login to the TomTom website and select "account details"
(for the UK it's at other TT country sites will be similar)

2) Click "Change e-mail" and enter a different email address (twice) and save

3) Next, click on "Change password" if you want to change that too and 'save' once changed

4) Click "Change personal details" if desired and 'save' if changed

5) Click on the green "MyTomTom" and click "Log out"

6) Disconnect the old device

7) Connect the new device

8) Click on the green "MyTomTom" and log back in with your NORMAL email and password

9) In the panel "Connected device is not linked to this account" click on "Link the connected device to this account".

Note: The old unit MUST still be working for this to work. If not, contact customer services and they will do it from their end.


Also, remember, you should only link ONE TomTom device to ONE account name/email address.
Many ISPs allow you to have several addresses associated to your account, and in fact the TomTom account name does not even need to be an actual email address at all - it just needs to be in the correct email address style of '(e-mail address removed)' or similar.

Obviously, if you don't use a real address, you won't be able to use it to recover a lost password, but neither will TT be able to pester you with marketing emails!
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