How to change mileage reading to next direction?

Jan 12, 2011
Regarding a TT 540WTE with the latest firmware:

When on the highway, at the bottom of the screen, my TT lists the mileage to the next instruction, as it should. However, the part that is irritating is that I don't want the mileage to the next instruction; I want to know how far I have to travel on the highway in total before I reach my exit, or where I actually switch roads.

For example, say I need to travel 100 miles on Highway 123. TT will tell me to go 10 miles on highway 123, then, continue on the same highway, go another 5 miles, then continue on the same highway again, etc. I would prefer TT just to tell me to carry on for 100 miles on the same road, rather than parcel the information out.

Is there any way to change this?

Not on those models, I'm afraid.

But the new Go1000/2000 and VIA models tend to handle that issue far better.

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