.....Help!.....Just bought 'GO 6000'.

May 5, 2014
Sussex UK and NYC
TomTom Model(s)
Go 6000
My perfectly adequate 'GO 940 LIVE' bust........ so just bought 'GO 6000'

( Managed to log on with Email address and download 'Home' software.)

1...Now plugged into computer via USB port, but no indication of charging. What looks like LED light on top right of case appears inoperative. However one review that I read on-line says NO charging indication.....so what is LED for?

2....On-line manual mentions 'ON/OFF' switch.....Mine doesn't have one, unless it's touch screen, which doesn't seem likely.

3....Can't use services to register device with data labelled on box because device is connected to computer. After some time, no indication of battery state, other than when disconnected from computer, it auto switches off. So must assume battery isn't charging. I therefore I have to assume a fault and return to store unless someone clever on this forum can show me where I've gone wrong.

When you are facing the unit, the on/off switch is on top right.

You need MyDrive with that model. Get it at tomtom.com/getstarted
Thanks for the help folks. It was only when I held the unit up against the light that I could see that what I assumed was the LED on the right hand side was in fact a miniature 'rocker' switch. It didn't show up as that when previously pressed in its centre..........doh!

I will re-check that I downloaded the correct software. Thanks again dhn.

In my own case, I get on better with detailed manuals with a glossary of terms and lots of schematics. A lot of previous knowledge seems to be assumed now that Smart-phones and GPS are no longer first generation. ( remember the struggle people had with the first Video recorders? )

Here's a joke........As a retired 'legacy' airline aviator and around 18 years ago, our government paid for us to trial a GPS combined sat-com and tracking unit. ( Our navigation on the B744 was triple Inertial Reference System ) For instance, they might call up and say that they could see us manoeuvring around Cu Nim activity whilst 4000 miles away. They automatically assumed that we could work out how to use the control unit, and manually tune in the satellites........wrong.......the first trip we had to give up and leave the unit in auto.......I also was involved in trials of the first generation of Inertial Nav available for civilian operators. ( Lytton, Collins, and Delco ) I still have the little booklets handed out by the sales engineers. So clear and simple. Have to say that North American technical writers always produced good stuff for those of us who were not as smart as the best.....

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