HELP! does ONE XL-S has sd card slot? what chipset? 2gb kodak, lexar or kingston car

Mar 7, 2009
omg, tomtom has to put better info on their site in regards to the tech specs of their units. some are a mess!

can anyone help me please? i am running out of time and need to find 3 answers...

1. does the tomtom ONE XL-S has an SD card slot or not?

2. what CHIPSET is used on them?

3. will a 2gb LEXAR card, a 2gb KINGSTON card or a 2gb KODAK work?

i thank you very much for your time.
thank you DHN. i had seen that article/site that you posted before...

so i was able to confirm that the XL-S unit does have an SD CARD SLOT...

but do you know anything or know of any places that i can find info in regards to SD CARD BRAND COMPATIBILITIES?

i found a thread here that you had posted there as well but you guys are talking about size compatibility, high capacity cards versus regular ones... but brand compatibility.

i am trying to see if either a 2gb kingston or a 2gb kodak or a 2gb lexar card will work witht the XL-S unit.

thank you again.

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