iPhone 4 car kit does not work HELP

Apr 9, 2011
I have a iPhone 4 with the newest tomtom app. I also have a tomtom car kit that works with my iPhone 3GS. Does anyone know how to fix this problem.
If you want to use the iPhone4 in the car kit you will need to stick a bit of cardboard or velcro to the front face of the car kit (the bit that the back of your iPhone resets against) otherwise it doesn't connect correctly - Mike
Not working...

Having had the TT app on my iPhone since first getting my 3GS, I decided that the TT car kit would be a nice additino to my iPhone 4, to use as not only a GPS enhancement, but a means to have a BT handsfree kit in the car as well as a nice stable mounting option.

Got my iP4 TT car kit yesterday. After an hour of farting around with it, I gave up.
Very disappointed.

Unlike me, I actually read ll the instructions, removed the case from my iP4, placed the adaptor on the cradle, plugged it in (in the order specified in the manual - just in cas eit mattered) and....


No charging, no bluetooth, nothing.

Not even line out to my car stereo.

What the fudge? I'm really pretty unhappy. I am considering taking it back to the store today to see if I can get a replacement in the vain hope it's a hardware-specific issue, but to be honest, it doesn't fill me with hope, when I read here that so many people have had similar issues that appear not to be resolved...

Any ideas? :mad:
Contact TT Support about getting you a adapter for the iPhone 4.


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