Great Feature - 740Go

Nov 28, 2010
With my older TomTom One, I always wanted to have the ability of seeing two displays while driving; one with the turn by turn instruction and one with a more broader view of the route.

With the 740GO, I was initially confused by the Advanced Setting Preference of "Automatic zoom in" for 2D and 3D. I stumbled upon getting my desire for two different map views, by setting 2D to not zoom in and 3D to zoom in. Then when navigating, I went to the 2D display and zoomed to the area that I wanted to see. With the Automatic Zoom In turned off, it stayed there. Then when driving, I could at the mere touch of the center bar, change from 3D turn by turn to 2D zoomed out.

I'm sure that many of you already know this, but then many do not.


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