got a tomtom 510

Aug 1, 2009
im here in the uk with a tomtom 510 which I have had for a few years. iv just updated it and its fine. here is the problem.
I have a nokia 6300 phone and a nokia 5310 express. All settings are enabled and the phones are both paired up (via bluetooth) to both phones. i know that the code to enter when serching is 0000 which is ok. now on one phone it gets to 40% and gives an error about the 5310 settings and the other issue is the tom tom wont allow me to transfer the phone numbers from the phones. it says service unavalible. any help would be gratfull
Try getting one phone at a time set up.

Before doing anything, do a pin reset to reboot the Tomtom bluetooth drivers.

The Tomtom should be the device initiating the connection. Delete the pair on the phone, turn the phone's discoverable mode on, and have the Tomtom attempt to find the phone. If it succeeds, does it say "phonebook transfer" as one of the supported options? If not, there isn't much you can do. Tomtom (especially the older models like the (510) isn't compatible with all phones.

Once you get one phone working, then add the second phone.

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