TomTom Map Got Worse?

Sep 9, 2008
Philadelphia, PA
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Go 620
Recently there are places that, for no reason, changed from correct to wrong.

For example:!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.101676!4d-75.194123
This off ramp allows for right turn onto paper mill rd, and the map was correct, but about a year ago, the right turn was disallowed on the map. I report the error right away, but TomTom decline my correction.!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.008659!4d-75.19418
This is a two way road between kelly dr and ridge ave, but was changed to one way for no reason. Reported.!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.019389!4d-75.191395
No left turn allowed. The map was correct before, but somehow was changed. Report a year ago, said fixed 6 months ago, map still show left turn allowed.
Same thing for Henry Ave, no left turn onto warden dr but map said otherwise.

I am not sure what is wrong with TomTom, but for whatever reason, they change the road attributes from correct to wrong one for no reason.
If you provide us with the (long) verification numbers for the corrections you reported, we may be able to let a TomTom contact we have investigate.
First one: 07e9cae3-2eb7-1034-9d4a-ec10897fe1ea
Accepted on Feb 27, 2016, status remain accepted

Second one: 9aaaed96-5e9e-40e5-95c6-7decb830d488
I just reported this one yesterday, but my main concern is that, the road was correct before, but somehow got changed to one way.

Third one: 17595539-2f4a-11e6-85aa-00505698ac14
Fixed on June 10, 2016, August map still show the problem

The main issue, is not the fixing of the location, but rather, why did a correct street got changed to incorrect restriction? Don't TomTom has some kind of verification?
Here is another example:

coordinates 40.02484, -75.22981
id 2caa9f54-7640-1034-925e-c363a6198656

The little street between Old Belmont Ave and Jefferson St is one way (from Old Belmont to Jefferson), and if you need to travel back to Old Belmont, you have to turn right to go around.
Map was correct previously, but was change to 2 way.
Ticket submitted May 28, 2016, still pending.

There are a lot of speed limit update that I submitted that got decline for no reason. I have dashcam video to proof the correctness of my correction, (with GPS map next to it), but since TomTom only allow GPS tagged photo, I can't upload those.
Well, for what it is worth, one contact I have has moved to a different position at TomTom so no longer has time to investigate. He suggests:

Hopefully someone in CS can spend some time on these issues and if necessary report them in the MTQC Jira project.

Not sure what all that means, frankly, but if you call Customer Support with the issues and mention what is in italics, maybe they'll know (and do so). Another contact said he'd try to find some time if he can to look at it.

So, customer support to call:

United States
866 486 6866
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m EST
I would call if they answered.
Last time when I contact them through the online support link, they said they will follow up, but never answer (at least 2 of the problems listed above, I mentioned it to them)
Contacted a second time, same promise, no response.
I just don't want to waste my time waiting on the phone for no answer or "We will contact you back when we have an update" and nothing happen.
Here's some feedback from the second source:

I checked the MSR ID the user posted and it seems that the map team couldn't confirm the user's report from their resources. You could suggest him to add a geo-tagged photo to his report to back it up.

The CS experience seems troubling. On this side I could check his contact history with his email address and have it taken care of.

So, if you provide your email address to me in a PM, I'll pass it on to him. Thanks.
More feedback:

Btw, he could upload the video he has to e.g. dropbox and add a link to his report.
My video is not geo tagged, the gps data is in a separate file, and the app that views it combines them together on the same window. But if it works, I will do that.
My email is (e-mail address removed)moved by mod]
Also, I understand they can't verify all locations, but how could a correct map feature got changed to incorrect one? Unless they somehow "verified" the incorrect feature.
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That's what I hope they investigate. I'm also going to remove your email address from your post. Will save you getting spam, I hope. I've sent it to my contact, thanks.
New feedback:

Seems indeed that the loop wasn't closed here. I'll send a heads-up to CS to try and provide an update to the customer.
Finally got a nice long email from them

1. 2caa9f54-7640-1034-925e-c363a6198656 - in progress as the team is still verifying the information provided with other sources.
2. 07e9cae3-2eb7-1034-9d4a-ec10897fe1ea - closed and the correction will be available after the December 2016 map release.
3. 17595539-2f4a-11e6-85aa-00505698ac14 - closed and the correction should be available after the September 2016 map release.
4. 5ed39c1d-2f4a-11e6-85aa-00505698ac14 - closed and the correction should be available after the September 2016 map release.
5. 919c2531-0fa9-1034-9d4a-ec10897fe1ea - closed and the correction should be available after the December 2016 map release.
6. edb8554b-524e-1034-9d4a-ec10897fe1ea - in progress as the team is still verifying the information provided with other sources.
Number 3 and 4, they said its fixed, but its still showing wrong data on my map (975, should be the latest one from September)

Still doesn't explain why those wrong "corrections" were verified in the first place.
Available 'after' may mean it'll be in the map AFTER the September 2016 (975) release.

Check the 980 release due in November some time.
The support response back saying they will look into why the two listed errors are still on map 975, which sounds like the two correction should be in August map update.

Recently I been submitting mapshare update with those photo, do you think TomTom will use it as a proof for correction?

for example, speed limit update:


Missing rd (the one straight ahead on the intersection is missing on TomTom map):
They will be happy with those photos since they are geotagged .. not within the photo, necessarily, but visible within the photo itself. Better if both!
After having road changes rejected, I have supplied photos, not geotagged, and a screen print of the device's coordinate screen.
A day later the page showed my changes as accepted.
Nice thing with Google is when they eMail you two weeks later to tell you to look at the map with your changes implemented.

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