Just got a TomTom Start 45tm (coming from Garmin nuvi 660)

Nov 23, 2012
Boston MA
TomTom Model(s)
Start 45TM
Hi there,
I'm happy to say that I've bought myself a TomTom GPS unit and my first impressions are positive. The device seems to have excellent GPS signal.

I like to have a GPS unit in the car oposed to using my phone that has GPS capabilities. FYI: The price of my Tomtom 45 tm was $89 + 6% tax at my local BJs Wholesale Club (with coupon from $119 to $89). It's a model with life-time maps and life-time traffic updates. No Bluetooth, no voice activation or things like that. My old Garmin could be used to show photo's and to play MP3 music files, to me that's fairly useless: I have a car radio + connect my smart phone to the car stereo for MP3s.

I like to the suction cup mount to the windshield of this TomTom, it seems to work well. Before I used a mobile dashboard mount for my Garmin.

I had some initial trouble understanding the difference between "TomTom HOME" and "MyTomTom". I already wrote a little comment on that here:

Welcome to TTF. Don't forget to register the lifetime maps function. In theory, you can do it online with the activation code but most users find calling 1-866-486-6866 and having Customer Service activate at their end proves more useful.
Online registration of the lifetime maps function was easy when "TomTom HOME" recognised my GPS unit.

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