GO520 - copied map on SD card, ok in TOMTOM HOME but can't see map on device

Jun 1, 2012
London UK
TomTom Model(s)
Hi everyone :cool:

I'm having a mission trying to put a Europe map on my TomTom G520 before I go on holiday.:rant:

Simple enough to download the new map. I initially had to delete some things from the GO520 to try and fit the map onto the device but then realised it was too big and so installed in on an SD card instead.

SD card and the map all look OK in TOMTOM Home, but whatever I try I can't see the Europe map on TomTom Go520.:rant::rant::rant:

Aaaarg!!! Can anyone help? Must be something simple that I'm missing as I've trawled the web and can't find a solution.

Thanks in advance :thumb:
1. Is it a SDHC (NOT a sd) card? It should be.
2. Is the speed of the sdhc card at least class 6?
3. Did you try resetting the unit by using the reset hole on the bottom?
Stupid question but how do I tell if it's an SD or SDHC card? It's says SD on the front so assume it must be not SDHC. Does this mean it won't work in the 520 even tho I can se it in tomtom home??

Thanks so much for replying & helping
I would get a sdhc card and copy the map to it. A 4gb card or larger. If it doesn't say sdhc, it isn't.
The 'Clear Flash' utility is also sometimes useful for curing "no maps found" issues.

Instructions and download link here:

Clear Flash tool

Don't expect a flashy user-experience when you run it, hardly anything happens visibly.
Some say to run it three times, I don't know why, but it won't do any harm.
Hi guys - i tried a new 4GB SDHC card - still no joy. Halfords tomorrow enroute to euro tunnel I guess!! Frustrating problem :confused:
Silly question.......but you have tried Manage Maps-->Switch maps, haven't you?
Yeah, that's the issue - I go into Manage Maps, Switch Map and then all I can see is the existing UK ROI map, not the Europe Map I can see via TomTom HOME has Europe loaded on it.
The downloaded (in compressed format) Europe map should be found here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

and you can install it manually (without using Home). See here:

But also make sure you have the latest application (9.430) on your device.... when you 'update my device' in Home, ensure there are no application updates offered.

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