GO Supreme 6" 620 "No Map Available Add A Map"

Feb 8, 2019
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Hi there,
I bought a Go 620 a year ago and had been using it since. Today I turned it on and the screen came up with
'You need to add at least one map before you can use your device.'

How do I go about fixing the problem?
On my login page with TomTom.com it shows. Oceania - Lifetime* Maps
Current Version:v10.75.

two pics of the only things the screen shows.
PS I did also post on discussions.tomtom.com


  • Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 12.56.59 PM.png
    Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 12.56.59 PM.png
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  • Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 12.56.45 PM.png
    Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 12.56.45 PM.png
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@dhn Click "Add Map" then the second screenshot "Available Space" comes up. The only thing to press is that green arrow in the top right corner which brings it back to the first Screenshot "Add Map". It just goes from one to the other.
Do you have a SD card in the device?
The map of Oceania should be small enough not to require an SD card.
As a last resort, after making sure with MyDrive Route Planner (MDW) that all Favourites, etc. are synced, I would make a Factory
Any thoughts on that?
Hi @Arno, Is a factory reset when press the start button and hold it until you see white text? The white text flashes on for a mico second.
Not sure about your device is only NAV3 but if you go Menu > past Settings to a (?) [question mark] tap it, tap About there should be a Reset. If tapped a warning will show that you will loose everything you added or changed if you proceed.
If you Reset you will have to establish User name and Password before you can carry on.
Wait until @dhn or @canderson agrees.

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