TomTom Go 620 Pro Truck has died :'(

Apr 2, 2021
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Hi everyone, I'm new here.

My 620 died on me on Monday morning, was fine when I last used it the previous Friday. I picked it up out of the drawer of my truck, placed it into its mount and it fired up as usual, but it didn't. I was faced with a different screen, the one with the satnav and computer screen connection with a red X, none of the moving cogs I've seen before.

I've tried all of the typical things that TomTom suggests, held the button, done the 3 taps to go to recovery mode etc but none of this work. On my laptop it shows that it's resetting the TomTom etc but just as it gets to 100% the screen flashes off and nothing else happens other than my TomTom rebooting only to go through the whole process again. It's had the full 2 hours + charge too, still nothing.

The really annoying thing is I only bought this 15th January 2020 so it's only just over 14 months since I've had it.

Any solutions please? I've tried everything, the only use it has right now is as an overpriced paper weight.


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