Go Classic memory card Reg: X6...

Mar 18, 2010
Lincoln, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Start 60
I've approached support but I usually get more and better help here, so can anyone reduce my confusion please?

That clip from the support site suggests that microsd cards are fine but for the life of me I can't find a slot! I've watched the youtube TT video and I'm still struggling. Please tell me that there are not 2 versions of the Go Start, one with and one without an expansion slot.

The reason for my concern is that I've come from a Start 60 where I could import community POIs with ease and, if I've understood correctly, I now have to copy .ov2 files to a memory card. This looks like a backward step to me, particularly if I can't use a card at all.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.



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Peel the label back on the bottom of the device and see if the slot is there.
The label just showed how to remove the clipped-on unit at the back, but you suggestion masde me look again under the clippy thing and I found the slot - thanks. I must have missed ir a dozen times yesterday.
Thanks, Willy, I realised that about 10 minutes after buying a card! The learning curve seems to get steeper as you approach 80, I think these things should be sold with a built-in 12 year old...
Allez les Bleus!
May I ask further help? I like the Go Classic but there are some features of my 10 year old Start60 that I miss. With the old one I could assign sounds from a menu/choice system to events such as POIs but I seem to have just one sound and an on/off choice.

I've may have missed something but I've used a non-Tomtom speed camera service for years and I'd like to continue with it.
With the start 60 I imported a zip file with My Tomtom Connect from Community content and it was easy, I then assigned a sound to it and all was well.
Now I import an ov2 file, I can see it in POIs and I can assign a small image to it which shows as I approach but a warning sound would be more helpful.
Any suggestions please?

I'm guessing the answer to my second question is "No" but here goes. Is it possible to reconfigure the screen? The menu button is just where my speed was displayed on the Start 60 - much easier to read than its current position in the centre. I know I'll get used to it but I thought I'd ask the question.
Thanks, as always for help.
On Go Classic it is no longer possible to add a new sound.
It is no longer possible to add a new sound to warn you of poi.
No, it is not possible to reconfigure the GPS screen.
Thanks for that response although the first part is disappointing. On my Start60 I could set a warning to go as I approached a speed camera but I suppose this is "progress"...
Thanks again.

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