TomTom Go Classic 5 - stopped working, won't connect to laptop

Dec 12, 2021
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TomTom Go Classic 5
My TomTom Go Classic 5 stopped working for no apparent reason. I've plugged into my laptop and connected to TomTom website, to try and reset or update but it just won't work. It goes through the motions, with the drum beat and the screen looks like it's loading, then it goes black with the attached image, which I guess means there's no connection between the TomTom and my laptop?

The unit is only 4 months old and hasn't been used much, so am really annoyed it's stopped working. My son has tried to reset it but without it connecting to the laptop, it seems futile, nothing has worked. Can anyone help?


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Thanks, yes I tried that. The TomTom will connect to the laptop but only for a minute or two. It's just not possible to get it linked to the TomTom website, so can't even troubleshoot it. I find the lack of any instructions on what to do very frustrating. There isn't a reset button on the Classic either. I'm left with a useless piece of kit.

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