go 730 lifetime updates finished. whats going on?

May 7, 2018
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Just been told that my lifetime updates are no longer available and I need to buy a new tomtom at a discount price that is higher than I can but from a local supplier. I have had my tomtom a long time and only use it on trips on my gs1200 as my xk and my range rover both have sat navs fitted. Since when did lifetime mean until they want you to purchase another one?
First off, buying from a local supplier has always been cheaper than a "discounted" factory offer.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but this 10 year old device has reached the end of its life cycle, as far as TomTom is concerned.
Good thing we are not dealing with Microsoft, which withdraws support much sooner.

I still like my GO 930 best but the memory is getting too small to accept the size of current maps.
Even those with <=2GB internal memory?
I was surprised to see it on the 730 in the first place as it was never offered to me over here on the 930.
I may not have opted for that anyway as I am still sore for that once a year NAM map at CAD 100 on top of which they charged 20% VAT which, in my opinion was fraudulent as it was not delivered in the EC but in an overseas country.

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