Go 720 Can't See Newly Installed Map?

Jan 29, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
I have a GO 720 with the following maps:
Western Europe on the internal memory. Western US and UK & ROI on the SD card.
Yesterday I purchased an update to the UK & ROI map. All downloaded OK using TomTom Home. After running the requested software updates, I installed it to the SD card (not enough room on the internal memory) and it indicated that the job had been completed OK-no error messages. And the new version of UK & ROI showed up in TomTom Home as now installed to the SD card.
But after rebooting the 720, I could only find Western Europe on the internal memory, and Western US on the SD card (using the Switch Maps function). The original version of UK & ROI has been deleted from the device, and the new one is not detected.
I tried deleting and reinstalling it again-exactly the same issue. It's visible through TomTom Home, but not accessible on the device.
It can't be a faulty SD card, because I can access the Western US map that was already installed on there.
Can anyone help please?
Sounds like it could be a job for TomTom's "ClearFlash" utility :)

Read about it and download it here:


It's not terribly exciting to see working, in fact when you run it, it's over in a second and you barely notice anything happening at all.

No promises, but it has definitely helped with "no map found" problems before.
No, I haven't tried a PIN reset, as that does not appear to relate to this problem; the device is not freezing or unresponsive.
Thanks, will try the 'ClearFlash' utility.
If it's relevant, the system software it's running is version 8.351-I believe this is up-to-date?
No, it's not. 9.465 is the latest application. And a pin reset often solves various issues so please do it. No data is lost.
I thought that a pin reset is the equivlalent of a factory restore-it will take everything back to the originally installed sytem software, and remove all personal settings, routes etc?
OK, thanks, I will check for further updates, then run ClearFlash, and then do a pin reset if still not seeing the maps.
A pin reset is only like fully turning the unit off (the power button just puts it to sleep), so it's like re-booting a PC and Windows has to re-start.

You'll find "Return to factory settings" in the menus if you ever need it.

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