Starting in November 2009, Tomtom started shipping a new batch of XXL 540 models, that had both hardware and software problems.

Hardware issues:
The hardware issues were: either it wouldn't start up, or once you updated the map, the device would brick (eg not start up).

If you have these problems, try plugging the Tomtom into the computer, holding the power button until you hear the drumrolls, then releasing the power button. Then see if it connects to the computer. If it does, follow the "Software issues" steps below.

If this still doesn't work, call up Tomtom phone support, as you'll probably need a warranty swap.

Software issues:
Tomtom had installed newer firmware on many models. This newer firmware didn't have a corresponding Operate My XXL feature in Tomtom HOME, so you received the error: "This functionality is not yet supported for your combination of your navigation....".

Tomtom fixed this issue on March 10, 2011.

Make sure you update to the latest application under "Update my XXL", then click the blue button to safely disconnect the Tomtom, reconect it to the computer, then try running Operate My XXL. It should then work.

If you still are having problems, follow the steps below:
1) Download the file linked below, and use Winrar to open it and copy the contents onto the Tomtom drive, overwriting when prompted
2) Wait for the red X to disappear from the Tomtom screen, and then use the blue button on the lower right of Tomtom HOME to safely disconnect the Tomtom
3) Unplug the Tomtom, wait for it to start up
4) Once it fully starts up, plug it back into the computer, and connect to HOME normally. Try operate my XXL and it should work.

The download links are below:
- RX serial numbers - XXL 540S 2GB (non-World Traveler)
- RZ serial numbers - XXL 540S 4GB (World Traveler Edition)
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