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Jul 9, 2012
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tomtom one
just got my tomtom one v1 and having a problem trying to find the ferry port in calais, i have tried road names lat&long and still its not finding it. i konw i have european maps as im able to find an address in Belgum. so if anyone can advise on where im going wrong please or if they know what i need to put in to find the ferry port?:thumb:
just trying to find the car ferry port in calais and not sure what maps i have installed sorry. bit of a newbie on the tomtom.
If you tap the bottom right of the status bar, does another screen show up with a little number in a box? If so, that is the APPLICATION version installed on the device. Now, tap the version number and the following screen will show the map installed and its version.
Getting back to the original problem... A couple of thoughts:


Firstly, you should have a POI (point of interest) category for Ferries on the TomTom.

You should be able to go:
1. Navigate to...
2. Point of Interest
3. POI in City
4. You then have to tap the little UK flag in the top right corner and select "France" to change the city search to France
5. Type in "Calais"
6. Tap the arrow, bottom right
7. In the POI category list, either use the "down arrow" and scroll down (or use "search" and type "F") until you find the "Ferry Terminals" category.
8. "Terminal car ferry" should be one of the places listed (along with the Eurotunnel and other places within 30 miles or so) within a mile of Calais centre.


Secondly, if you wanted to use Lat/Long coordinates, I'm not sure whether you're saying you can't work out how to enter the co ordinates on your ONE, or if you just can't find the right coordinates to enter.

Some ONE models may not be able to use Lat/Long co-ordinates, but if yours can, try tapping:

Navigate to...
Right arrow

... then entering:
N50.96777, W1.86894 - that's the service road to the ticket office, or
N50.96675, W1.86910 - that's the entrance if you already have tickets.
Both are off the same access road.

(I found those from Google maps and StreetView)

Edit: OOPS... see Anchor's correction below
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Sorry Andy; you have got your Wests mixed up with your Easts. Calais is East of Greenwich, so whatever figure you use it is preceded by E.

I have just returned form a 2300 mls tour around France, and almost always used the GPS setting when planning a route. This site was invaluable:

This is my setting for the Calais car ferry: (note: before check-in you must pass through the UK passport control. At busy times be prepared for quite a wait.)

N 50.96681 E 1.86971

I used this setting on my return to the port last Sunday, and it was spot on.
Sorry Andy; you have got your Wests mixed up with your Easts. Calais is East of Greenwich, so whatever figure you use it is preceded by E

You're right of course!

I'm much happier with Google's Plus and Minus signs to denote East and West.

For some reason I often get them wrong when translating for someone using the TomTom co-ord entry method.
Life is so easy out here at 105ºW. We never even have to think about it .. except when we're using straight numeric and forget we have to throw that "-" sign in front.

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