TomTom One not finding postcodes after update!

Feb 11, 2012
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
Hi everyone

I have a TomTome one first edition and went to update it the other evening on my Macbook as it would not switch on, screen had red cross showing. i updated it but it said that it couldn't fit everything on and postcodes not working so bought a new 2gb sd card. Transferred everything across, but postcode finder still not working. Downloaded postcode zip file from tom-tom website and added to tom-tom but still not working. When you type in postcode it comes up with only first bit of the postcode! really baffling me now. Any suggestions??
The fils you downloaded need to be put in a folder called zip in the root of the unit. Use Stuffit to extract the files on a Mac.
I have put the sd card into a card reader and moved the zip folder onto the sd card? Do I have to do anymore as I have not extracted any files? Thank you
Yes, the files have to be extracted from the zip file. They need to go into a folder called zip (all lower case) in the root of the unit.

If you are running everything (application, maps, etc) off the 2gb sd card, then the zip folder also goes on the card and the files you extracted from the zip FILE go into the zip FOLDER.

Use Stuffit to extract the files from the zip FILE to the zip FOLDER.
I have downloaded Stuffit but it says it cannot recognise the file format to expand?? I am totally confused I have created a zip folder on the sd card but on other posts it says just move the folder downloaded into the zip folder on the sd card???
I right clicked on the file and compressed it it now says zip file i have moved that to zip folder on sd card still only first half of postcode finder being found? Am i doing anything else wrong???
The files you downloaded (I presume) are already compressed in a file with an extension of .zip. They need extraction. The application to unarchive the files on a Mac is Stuffit.

You right click the downloaded (compressed file) with Stuffit and choose to extract to a FOLDER called zip on the card.
I have downloaded the zip file I have when I use stuff it it says this not an exec file is this correct? Many thanks for your help. I have put a zip folder onto SD card and pasted this in here. Still nothing.


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Hopefully, someone who uses a Mac will come into this thread to assist further. I do know the file you downloaded needs to be placed in a FOLDER called zip but not sure how a Mac deals with that.
Not sure what the OP attached, but it certainly doesn't contain the post code data... just some version information for what was missing.

To the OP -- was what you attached above what you got from TomTom? If so, please download the file again. That one was bogus.
It's confusing because the word "zip" is being used for two different things....

As well as being a standard computer compressed file format (with the three letter extension ".zip") TomTom themselves use the word zip as a FOLDER name for the postcodes (because of the American term "zip codes" for postcodes)

What you download from TomTom will be confusingly called "".

I suggest you download it again and use THIS link:

You then need to use Stuffit or some other "unzipping program to decompress it, and you should end up with a FOLDER called "zip" with the following files inside:


That folder and it's contents need to be copied to the TomTom

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