Finding expiry date is on used Traffic Receiver

Mar 8, 2008
TomTom Model(s)
Is there a way to find out what the expiration date is on a used Traffic Receiver? Model 4UUC1 (4UUC.001.01)

This came with a used XXL540S - 1EP.052.01. There is no reference on the box to Life Time Maps and Traffic.

Thank You
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There is a Unix style datestamp used in a file created on your unit when the RDS-TMC cable is used - and at this moment, I CANNOT remember the doggone filename. But hooking it up to a compatible TomTom device and having that file created is the only way I know to see the expiration date. I'll look up that filename.
Found it - old post:

If an RDS cable has been connected, then in the root of your GPS there is a folder "rdstmc" within which will be a file "subscription.bif". Open the file with any text editor and there is a single line with something similar to this


The number is a Unix style 'seconds since whatever' which you can decode at Online Conversion - Unix time conversion . Enter the ten digits of your expiry 'date' into the first box and submit.
I had no luck.
I connected the unit to the receiver and it found up to date traffic info. When I connected it to the PC there was no rdstmc folder. Then I manually created the rdstmc folder and tried it again. Nothing was created within the folder.

This is not a critical concern, I was just curious if someday this feature would be expired.

Thank you
Too strange. Perhaps there are differences between units in what they do and do not write to the device. We have found them there before. Perhaps the folder structure has changed. Might be worth searching your unit for the subscription.bif file elsewhere on the unit.

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