Dec 28, 2017
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TomTom Model(s)
5150 pro. 520 professional
How do i transfer my favourites on my 5150 pro onto my new 520 professional?
Yes, it is possible. In fact, your Favorites are the only thing you will be able to transfer. POI files and the like must be sent separately.

First, you'll need a copy of the old TomTom Transfer Assistant. I no longer find it on their web page, but am going to try to attach a copy of it for you here as a Zip format. It is an 8MB file, so even as an admin here, that may not be allowed. We'll see at the end... In any case, unzip the file and you'll get the executable that we need. [Edit: It's a bust. We'll need to get the *.exe file located on the TomTom site so that you can download it].

Connect your 5150 and run the Assistant. It will copy files to your PC, including your Favorites.
Then it will have you hit "Next" and then ask you to disconnect your 5150.

When Assistant asks you to "Connect TomTom device B to your computer", continue, but note that only your Favorites (one from the previous list of things that you may have seen) can and will be transferred.

Click on "Transfer now" and your favorites should be moved to your new 520.

Where the heck has TomTom moved the Transfer Assistant on their web site???

The 8MB file is too big to attach here (unless I can get our board owner to open that up a bit), and is larger than Comcast is going to let me email, too! Help!
It's no longer available on tomtom.com as far as I can tell. It stopped working many months ago and TT never fixed it.
It is the size... 5MB limitations on email. Also limitations here, where I attempted it as a *.zip.
However, David is saying that it no longer works properly. I haven't had need of it in a while, so can't say one way or the other.

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