European Map update 10.10 for France.

Aug 5, 2011
SW France
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On 1st July the National speed limit in France will be reduced from 90kph to 80kph.

I am disappointed to find that the latest European map update, just days before this enormous change does note take account of the new speed limit. Or am I jumping the gun and will the map change by some technical conjuring trick on the day?

I received an email from TomTom telling me that speed camera updates (which are illegal in France) are available but that's not much help if you are being told by your TomTom that you are OK at 90 even around the 'danger zones'.

Perhaps someone knows something and the map will magically update to the new speed limit at midnight on 30th June.
A new 1011 map is supposed to be released for France reflecting the new speed limits. Supposed to be out by the end of the month.
80kph (48mph) on A roads sounds positively painful, and 70kph (42mph) on wet A roads sounds even more painful!
It does seem a bit desperate but they do need to reduce the number of deaths on the roads. Part of the thinking is that the current 90kph is pretty much ignored so typical French, pragmatism takes over and it will be normal for most people to travel at 90kph. Macron has promised that all fines - the main bone of contention - will be used to finance hospitals.

It applies only to two way roads, and most of these roads are rural, in good condition and so tempt drivers to go too fast. When an accident happens its often bad mainly due to lots of crap driving although nowhere near as bad as the Italians. Overtaking at dangerous places is also prevalant. My dashcam has lots of near misses especially delivery vans out in the sticks. Short 70kph limits are widespread all over France (also generally ignored) and the newish 30kph limits for villages are excellent to protect pedestrians and children.

Personally I would prefer to see zero tolerance on tailgating and serious speeding. President Chirac introduced that policy many years ago and it was very successful and scared the s*** out of lots of boy/middle aged racers. But they haven't managed to reduce the death rate since that time, hence the current attempt.

According to research of current accidents there is a possibility that the reduction will save up to 400 lives per year based on the premise that at a slower speed its possible to stop quicker and hence make an impact less severe. Another thing is that the average journey on these roads is 40kms so the lower speed will only cause a 2 minute longer journey.

Time will tell.

By the way, the email from TomTom announcing the 10.11 map arrived on Friday, I spent all of Saturday trying to download it and finally installed it on Sunday, the day the law came into force. Its actually dated May 2018 so I wish they had announced it before I battled with the 10.10 edition. I could have saved a whole day of frustration. C'est la vie.
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An issue of diminishing returns, I'm afraid. Glad to hear that the map came in time and reflects the new limits.

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